What does coaching cover?


Pitch, rhythm, style, mic technique, reading, theory, aural skills.

Musicianship sets the boundaries that allow your personal choices to have meaning. It is the difference between sloppy and innovative, accidental and intentional.


Emotional Range and Connection

Your culture, your personal history, your current mood, your perspective on the song. Your "Why". 

Your range of expression will only be as great as your personal range of emotion and your comfort in expressing it. In a slow and respectful way, when needed, I will challenge you to get to know your emotional self so that the sound of your voice will truly communicate your intention, and so that your experience of music will be as deeply rewarding as possible. When that feels true to you, communicating it to an audience is natural.

Spotlight on a Rapper

"Finding your voice"

Bringing all of the elements into balance, and letting yourself as the grounded artist you've worked to become, come through.

This phrase. It gets tossed around, doesn't it? It could mean something indescribable to you. It could mean nothing at all. To me, it has meant "finding my perspective." It is a collection of all of the elements previously mentioned. It is work, and is it well worth it.

Female Performer


The process of our work is always a collaboration. Though I have some of the same general goals for all students, each person is so incredibly unique that your specific goals and the path to getting there will be one of a kind. Questions about that? Send me an inquiry. 

Get started with a session.

Morgan Wrigley - Rock

I came across Rachel Anne Williams while searching for a commercial vocal coach to train me in the fundamentals of singing rock music. From the start...

Twinbeatz - Punjabi R&B/Pop

Been going to Rachel for about 2 years now. Came in knowing nothin at all about singing. Put in lots of work and hours towards practice with Rachel. Have been releasing songs ever since! She's an awesome person and teacher. Easy and fun to work with!

Sarah Althen - Musical Theater

It’s hard to put into words just how much Rachel has helped me on my voice journey. A little over a year ago, I came to her as a total beginner...

Bailey Rose Murphy - Various

Rachel is INCREDIBLE! She is a whiz at figuring out what your voice needs and how to make it grow the way you want it to. She has such a passion for making you the best singer you can be - every lesson is simply a joy! I have learned things that I never have in years of voice lessons and I feel lucky to get to learn from such a talented singer herself. 

Michelle Alejandra Limon-Newman - Various

Rachel is amazing! I've been taking lessons with her for almost a year now, and I've loved every second of it. She really listens to her students, and truly believes in your abilities as a singer. My presence and confidence as not only a singer, but as an actor as well, have sky-rocketed since working with Rachel. If you are looking for someone who loves her job as much as her students, you've found the right place!!

Natalie Jean - Country

Working with Rachel over the last couple of years has been absolutely amazing in every way. Through her unique...

Jasmine Prince - Spanish Pop / Musical Theater

Rachel is AMAZING at unlocking the potential in your voice you might not have known was there! My husband surprised me...

Demi Powell - R&B

Wow is all I can say about Rachel! I’m a new singer and I was very nervous about the process of learning how to sing and even being confident enough to show up fully in my lessons...

Amanda Allen - Various

Rachel is a wonderful voice teacher. She has the uncanny ability to zero in on vocal issues and develop exercises tailored to specific goals. As someone who is more than a bit self-conscious about singing in front of others, I can say that Rachel creates a positive and encouraging learning environment. 

Elise Catherine Peterson - Various

Rachel is AMAZING! I learn something new about my voice and abilities at every lesson. Not only does Rachel know her stuff, but else encourages and challenges me to take on songs I never thought I could. If you love to sing and want to learn proper function in a supportive environment, Rachel is the one.