Vocal Function Expert.

As a vocal function expert, I study the muscles, ligaments, cartilages, etc. which are involved in the process of making sound. I've learned the science behind the exercises required to create the change you want in your voice. I can hear the results of too much or too little pressure, constriction, immobility, weakness, over-recruitment, collapse, or nervousness.  As each singer is incredibly unique, I create your exercises for you in the moment, based on all of my prior knowledge and experience in response to how your voice is behaving during each lesson. I simplify your process, streamlining your growth. 

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There is a physiological cause for every sound that comes out of your voice. Often times, shame, embarrassment and fear are linked to these sounds, but the truth is, everything is stimulus-response. All we need to do is adjust the stimulus. 

For me, confidence comes when I know for a fact that my voice will respond as I ask it to. There's no feeling like that assurance. It's what allows me to take the audience with me, wherever I decide we're going. 

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And, it's about options. I want to be able to express a wide emotional range, by way of having the flexibility and power to interpret a single line multiple different ways. I don't want to be musically limited by any lack of physical coordination.

Your Voice

When you begin to work with me, you will likely have a few things you want to focus on. I will probably agree that those things are the most pressing. But for my longer term clients, I may push you further than you had originally planned. Because regardless of your starting point, I know that anyone can create an unbelievably dynamic instrument as long as they enjoy the process. Kindness to yourself and patience are key as you work through this process. And I'll be here to remind you.