I Help 
Vocalists Master Their Art.

Develop Your UNIQUE voice

I help singers create the instrument that speaks for them, honestly and dependably.

Through Functional Training and Vocal Coaching we work to find your perfect expression.

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Vocal Function


Vocal Function is the physiology by which you are able to make vocalized sound. It's the coordination of all of the muscles of your body, in concert, to produce the sound that helps you best communicate.

As a Vocal Function expert, I help you organize your voice in a way that serves you. An R&B singer needs something different than a rock singer. A pop singer needs something different than a singer-songwriter. Much like a personal trainer for the voice, when we work together, I will develop functional exercises based on your goals and your current ability. 

Vocal Coaching

Vocal Coaching is the process of taking that function and turning it into music. It's how you communicate through style and emotion in a way that is true to your instrument and your lived experience.

My Coaching is tailored to you. A hobbyist who has always been afraid of singing needs a different kind of coaching than someone who has six albums under their belt. I meet you where you're at. For me, the joy is in helping you to become empowered in your voice for your own sake, audience second. 


About Rachel

I have always been obsessed with voices. There is something primal about voices that man-made instruments can never touch. Cross genres, this fascination has always persisted for me.

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