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Hi, I'm Rachel Anne Williams.
I'm a vocal function teacher and voice coach located in Chicago's South Loop.

I'm a life-long voice nerd who loves helping singers solve long-standing problems, cross-train in opposing styles, and create dependable vocal function that lasts. I don't believe in quick-fixes. I train singers for deep recoordination. It is my belief that this allows for the most personal expression and career longevity.

About Me

I love working with singers who are serious about their own development.

Re-coordinating your voice is an exciting process, and there is nothing like the feeling of getting it right. The freedom, power and control you gain to express yourself is indescribable.


If you have been stuck with a specific issue in your voice and you are ready to work through it, I'm excited to work with you.

If you are wanting to expand your skill level so as to be viable in a genre that is currently out of your reach, this is my specialty. 

If you had years of training, but have fallen out of shape and need to get things back in balance, or if you have just had a recent issue pop up, I work in a way that honors your vocal history. The things that have worked for you in the past and the sound that you currently have I leave alone as much as possible, only zeroing in on the functional mis-coordinations that are currently holding you back.

I offer lesson scheduling in an extremely flexible way because I know that each singer is at a different place in their career and has different needs.

I know that selecting the right voice teacher is a very important step, as this professional relationship will have a huge impact on the future of your singing. 

A lesson with me will strike a balance between putting you at ease and pushing your boundaries. I will make sure that you both feel the changes we are creating in your voice, and intellectually understand what is changing and why.

I clarify long-term goals vs. short-term work arounds that are necessary for the working singer. 

I will be as hands-on in guiding your practice as you like. Most of my students use a practice app that allows me to assign practice items, view the stats of their practice, listen or watch recordings they send and give feedback between sessions where appropriate. This allows for a very efficient path to progress, as we are able to be very specific about how they are spending their time outside of the studio.

So much of our success together is based on communication. I welcome your questions, fears, concerns, frustrations and lofty goals! I'm an optimist by heart, and I will always be honest.

Let's Talk
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"Treating singing as a physical skill allows us to assume everyone can learn."

Jeanie LoVetri

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