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Hi, I'm Rachel Anne Williams. I'm a vocal function teacher and voice coach located in Chicago.


I teach singers the coordinations they need to make the sounds they can't yet access. I teach musicians to listen, to be intentional, to be emotionally connected. In all CCM styles, we will develop the function that honors your body and the personal connection that lets your voice speak for itself.

About Me

My Services.


A private lesson with me is an opportunity for me to learn about you and to position you onto a more direct path towards your goals. I will listen to your voice, to your interests and needs; then develop exercises created for you as an individual. I will guide your voice in your original music or advise you in choosing songs to cultivate your voice.

On location.

In the studio, I help you warm up and stay balanced between songs. I help you prioritize the order of material to record and ease communication between you and your engineer.

Or backstage at an important show. I warm you up, virtually or in person. 

  • 50 minutes

  • Virtual or In-Person

  • Personalized

  • Professional attention

  • Secure your process

  • Enhance your results

Let's Talk
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"Treating singing as a physical skill allows us to assume everyone can learn."

Jeanie LoVetri

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