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About Me

I bring my focused attention, pursuit of excellence, honesty and sense of humor to every minute of working with you. I am direct, challenging, encouraging and optimistic.

Background and Professional work

I am a graduate of Wayland University's Vocal Performance program. I'm a member of the National Association of Teacher of Singing, and I have studied vocal pedagogy with Master Teacher Jeanie LoVetri regularly for 8 years, am fully certified in Somatic Voicework and am part of her selected Associate Faculty. I help train other voice teachers in this method at the yearly Somatic Voicework conference.


I have worked as a professional singer for many years, singing in live bands (country, rock, pop, R&B,) as well as some musical theater. I currently front The Claudettes, a roots based "garage punk-cabaret" band, as well as the highly versatile rock cover band: The Wiseguys. I've recorded as a lead vocalist and session vocalist. 

My students are current industry professionals and hobbyists of many genres. Each singer's process is highly individual.

How I work

  • I believe that function is the way to freedom. Changing your physical patterns relieves so much stress, insecurity, inaccuracy, and lack of dependability in a voice. It is the first step into finding comfort of expression, and "your" sound.

  • But I strongly feel that all of the function in the world won't help you communicate to an audience without solid performance and song delivery skills.

  • I also teach theory, ear training, sight reading (when appropriate), and mic techniques. 

  • I advise on song-writing and album production in an objective way that allows the artist to assess pros and cons and make their own decisions.

  • I am happy to accompany students to the recording studio or help warm them up backstage for important performances.

My own Voice

First, let me emphasize that your voice is not my voice. Your experience, music, desires and priorities are different than mine. But I do have extensive training and experience as a vocalist and a musician in this industry. I have done considerable work on my voice, as I've moved through my years as a performer - changing bands and styles. I even presented at the Voice Foundation Symposium in 2021 on "Crossover Singing" with Jeanie LoVetri  - demonstrating facility in a classical, musical theater and R&B singing - not only in style, but in the deep functional coordination changes. And I have known what it is to find what an original song means to me as I record it - taking it from notes written by my songwriter to an emotional, dynamic delivery that I originate. I have had miserable tours and wonderful ones. I've pushed my voice in bad ways and good. I've learned the absolute necessity of listening to my body and mind. And that no amount of "know-how" compensates for the daily work of really conditioning my voice and practicing my music. And I love doing it all.

If you'd like to stay up-to-date with my performance and teaching - follow me on social media:

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I found Rachel through the Somatic Voicework(tm) community, where I took some incredible voice teacher training courses. I'm a voice teacher myself and a singer/songwriter. My background is primarily in jazz and folky vocal styles. I also have many years of experience as a soprano in choir. As a result, my voice lives in a very mixy, often head-dominant place and for years I have been struggling to strengthen my chest and belting--both for myself as an artist and as a teacher whose students desperately want to sing like Adèle. I really lucked out when I found Rachel as a teacher to help me reach my goals. Not only is she a supremely talented belter herself, but she is also so knowledgeable about the voice in all its aspects. I know I can always come to class with nitty gritty questions and she won't just give me vague answers like "you're not singing on the breath." I have seen a lot of improvement in a year of training with Rachel. My chest register is stronger, but also more flexible and blending better into the rest of my voice. Her lessons are so clear and accessible that I'm sure she's a great teacher for singers at any level.

Julia Minkin

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