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About Me

I bring my deep listening, pursuit of excellence, honesty and sense of humor to every minute of working with you. I am direct, challenging, encouraging and optimistic.

Background and Professional work

How I work

I am a graduate of Wayland University's Vocal Performance program. I have studied with Master Teacher Jeanie LoVetri for many years, am fully certified in Somatic Voicework and am part of her selected Associate Faculty.


I have worked as a professional singer for many years, singing in live bands (country, rock, pop, R&B,) as well as some musical theater. I currently front The Claudettes, a roots based "garage punk-cabaret" as well as the highly versatile rock coverband: The Wiseguys.

My students are current industry professionals and hobbyists of many genres. Each process is highly individual.

  • I believe that function is the way to freedom. Changing your physical patterns can relieve so much stress, insecurity, inaccuracy, and lack of dependability in a voice. It is the first step into finding comfort of expression, and "your" sound.

  • I also teach theory, ear training, sight reading (when appropriate), and mic techniques. 

  • I advise on song-writing and album production in a hands-off way that allows the artist to assess pros and cons and make their own decisions.

  • I accompany students to the recording studio or help warm them up backstage for important performances.

I came across Rachel Anne Williams while searching for a commercial vocal coach to train me in the fundamentals of singing rock music. From the start, Rachel has been knowledgable and supportive. She offers a high level of attention and follow-up that one would be hard pressed to find elsewhere. She has a strong command of Somatic Voicework, the technique she teaches, and her abilities as a teacher enable her to not only present the necessary material but to deliver it in a clear, digestible fashion to each vocalist, customized to fit their needs. I have been singing with Rachel for almost three months now and I have noticed marked improvement in my voice, its capabilities and its strength. My work with Rachel has enabled me to use my voice in ways I was unable to in the past. I would highly recommend Rachel Anne Williams to any vocalist, without hesitation.

Morgan Wrigley

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