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I offer flexibility in scheduling that allows you to balance your voice training into your schedule and budget.  

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My Availability

My specific availability is listed on my scheduling portal. If you are interested in booking a lesson, log in there and select anything that's available. Booking is first come, first serve. I teach Tuesdays-Saturdays when I am not touring. Occasionally, I will offer Mondays. 

My rates

My rates are $95 for a single session, or $340 for a package of four ($85 each). I sometimes have partial scholarship spots available through my partnership with the I'm A Seed Foundation. Send me an email to inquire.


How often should we meet?

I'm happy to meet weekly, biweekly, or more sporadically. I often have students who like to meet multiple times a week for a period. I advise my students to consider their goals, timeline and budget and devise a schedule that feels right for them.


PRactice Guidance

I help you devise a practice routine that suits you. At the end of each lesson, I clarify that a student has understood the concepts we have covered and is clear on what to practice. I encourage students to record their lessons so that they can listen back and practice with the recording. I also offer students the option to sign up with a practice app service.  This service is $5.25 every four weeks. It allows me to assign practice items, view how they are spending their time, receive recordings from the student and offer quick feedback. 


In person or online?

I offer both options. I work from my home studio in the South Loop of Chicago, Illinois. There is plenty of easy parking and lots of CTA options. I'm also happy to meet online via zoom. You must have a laptop/desktop (phones and tablets don't give good enough sound setting options) as well as a pair of chorded headphones and a good internet connection. Your computer mic is usually perfectly fine. 


Do you work with new singers?

I'm happy to be your introduction to vocal training - if you feel like we'd be a good fit. My mindset is still that you will develop all of the things that a pro singer has: dependable voice, musicianship skills, personal sense of style and communication, etc - even if they seem like a distant concept right now. This is my goal for you - even if it may be years out. I also feel that while it is completely valid and beneficial to learn to sing "just for you", I know that my greatest joy is in working with those who have a desire to use their voices publicly somehow - either in performance, recording or both. When you are ready, I'll encourage you to find those opportunities.

Live Recording

Book an initial session now, and I will reach out before your session to discuss details.

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