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I offer lessons Tuesdays through Saturdays online and in person in Chicago. Lessons are 50 minutes and open to all adults and select teenagers. Singers take lessons at the frequency that fits their needs. 

Personalized Function

Get functional teaching that's tailored to your needs and timeline. Some teachers teach wrote exercises, no matter who is standing in front of them. I devise exercises based on what I am hearing in your voice each day and in accordance with your longer term goals. 

Personalized Coaching

We will work directly on music you choose. I will advise you on which songs are appropriate for your current skill level, but I will never ask you to sing in genres outside of your interest. I don't believe that singing classical or musical theater music will help you sing in your preferred genre. Connecting to your own love of music coming from your unique experience is the best way forward.

Original music


I advise many of my singers on their original music. I take a back seat, offering up multiple possibilities for how their voices can lay over their songs. I respect that musicality is subjective, but vocal function is not. I present options, give pros and cons and let the artist decide. This puts you in power of your music, your voice and your confidence.

Professional musicians

As a professional musician myself, I understand the world that my professional singers are working in. Writing, recording, live performing, health, timelines, windows of opportunity. With students like you, I prioritize your immediate needs, while pushing you to continue towards more advanced goals.

Just Because

People from all walks of life are interested in singing. You do not need to be a professional musician and you do not need to make a case for your interest in lessons. I treat you with the same respect and high standards that I give to all students. Developing your voice "just because" can truly be one of the most rewarding things you ever do.

Audition or performance prep

For singers who have a pressing performance or audition, I offer a functionally informed coaching session, as I help you parse through what you can effectively get control of in your pressing timeline, and what alternative approaches you could take.  Do email me ahead of time, so that I can be as prepared on your  material as you are.

What my clients say

Mixer Keys
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Punjabi hip-Hop artists

Been going to Rachel for a few years now. Came in knowing nothing at all about singing. Put in lots of work and hours towards practice with Rachel. Have been releasing songs ever since! She's an awesome person and teacher. Easy and fun to work with!
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