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I offer lessons Tuesdays through Saturdays online and in person in Chicago. Lessons are 50 minutes and open to all adults and select teenagers. Singers take lessons at the frequency that fits their needs. 

Personalized Function

Get functional teaching that's tailored to your needs and timeline. I know that the best thing for your voice is for it to be conditioned into the most optimal balance possible for your musical needs. I also know that you may have pressing timelines. I will work with you at the deep functional level to take your voice towards health and balance in the long-term, while guiding you on the best quick (and temporary) fixes for any pressing performances or recordings. 

Personalized Coaching

Your voice, on your music, in your genres, in your performance or recording settings. I'm always looking to make sure that your singing affects me. Sounding "nice" is not the goal. I want your audiences to feel a deep connection to your performance and that starts with a clarity about what you're saying and how you are saying it to them, musically. I want you to feel that connection to your material so that you can create something irreplaceable.

Original music


I enjoy advising singers on your original music. As a singer of original music myself, I understand firsthand the importance of this exploration process. It is always incredibly personal. I often find that the music itself suggests specific tones and nuances (though there are sometimes multiple possibilities). I will even speak to how to create balance in the writing of the band for the tone, pitch or rhythmic feel of your vocal line.

professional demands

As a professional musician myself, I understand the world that my professional singers are working in. Writing, recording, live performing, health, timelines, windows of opportunity. I know that we must prioritize your immediate needs, while pushing you to continue towards more advanced goals. I am ready to help you come back to balance after a long tour, or after a particularly interesting role. It is my goal to help keep you centered in your instrument through the up and down demands of the industry.


As a cross-trained singer myself, I not only intellectually understand the differences in authentic vocal production in various styles, but I feel  the differences in my own body and can recreate them as part of demonstration and instruction. I know that the original styles you were trained to sing may not be sufficient for the direction you'd like to take your career. Let's build onto your skill-set, transforming your function and style.

Audition or performance prep

For singers who have a pressing performance or audition, I offer a functionally informed coaching session, as I help you parse through what you can effectively get control of in your pressing timeline, and what alternative approaches you could take.  Do email me ahead of time, so that I can be as prepared on your material as you are.

What my clients say

Mixer Keys

I have been working with Rachel Williams for four years now. She has molded me from a rock singer who was really good at "faking it" into an actual, real singer. I can now do things with my


voice that I thought I was physically incapable of doing. I can now sing songs that I wanted to sing my whole life but had convinced myself that they were "out of my range."

Rachel is far too humble to take credit for this but trust me when I tell you that I couldn't have done it without her.

Rachel has the most beautiful and positive energy... she keeps you feeling safe while pushing your boundaries. Only a truly talented teacher can do that.

She knows my voice better than I do and she always knows which vocal journey I am ready to undertake. She is tireless in her preparation and she's always willing to go the extra mile to support her students.

Rachel did Zoom lessons to help warm me up while I was recording my last album in 2019 (pre-covid before Zoom lessons were a thing!) and she showed up backstage at House of Blues and The Riviera to help me prepare for big shows. What other voice teacher does that?!?

Rachel Williams is an amazingly talented singer and a truly gifted teacher and even more importantly, she's a beautiful and generous soul. Highly recommend! 5 out of 5 stars!

Jam Alker

rock singer-songwriter & Recovery advocate

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