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Questions you may have

Here are some answers to questions I often receive. If you have further questions, please feel free to send me an email. I'd love to hear from you. 

How often should I take lessons?

Like everything about this process with me, this is a personal decision. Your timeline and budget may be the two biggest factors to consider. In general, I suggest weekly or biweekly lessons for most people, but you are welcome to take lessons more sporadically or more often. If you've never studied voice before, I highly suggest weekly lessons to start, as the process will entail an entirely new way of connecting to your body and the weekly frequency can help you become confident with the process more quickly. 


What ages do you teach?

I teach mostly adults of all ages: 20's to seniors. 

You can improve your voice at any age. Whether it's your first time, or whether you're getting back in shape, if you are interested in forming a practice you will be surprised at what you can accomplish and how rewarding it can be.

Though I do teach some teenagers, I do require a few trial lessons before agreeing to work with your teen long term. I'm interested in working with students who are as interested in the process as I am. It is not an issue of talent, but of compatibility. Please reach out to enquire.


Sheet music and theory?

This again, depends on the singer. Some singers really enjoy working from sheet music, but most CCM singers will never use it. Most of my singers are working completely from ear, as do I in my professional singing life. The question of sheet music is often genre specific with some genres working exclusively from it, and most never using it. If it is important to you, I can teach you to read it and we can work from sheet music in your songs. If you are not interested in working that way, I don't usually think it's necessary.

Theory is a more complex topic when discussing a singer's needs. Again, the level of intellectual proficiency in theory is personal to the singer, and I focus each singer's overall efforts towards what I think it most important for them. Ear training and interval recognition are often a high priority, especially with those who are pitch-weak, as this builds confidence in pitch accuracy. 


What are your rates?

Lessons are $85 for a single lesson and $75 for weekly lessons, billed in four week intervals.

Live Recording

Book an initial session now, and I will reach out before your session to discuss details.

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